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Cosmetic Dentistry | Porcelain Veneers

Many people would like porcelain veneers on their teeth, but don’t know what veneers are, or how effective they can be to cover stained, chipped of even broken teeth. So what are Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers? Dental Veneers are thin porcelain “shells” that are bonded to teeth to totally rejuvenate a smile. Porcelain Veneers are a safe, conservative and extremely effective technique to correct gaps, chips, stains and other imperfections. Dental Porcelain, which reflects light just like real teeth, is the ideal material for veneers.


Let’s answer a few commonly asked questions about dental veneers;


Is getting Porcelain Veneers a lengthy process?

No, usually in just two 1 1/2 hour long sessions you can have your smile straight, stain fee and with no more gaps!

Will my Dental Veneers weaken my teeth that are under them?

Again, no, the opposite actually. Veneers strengthen your teeth that are under them.

Are they difficult to care for? I don’t have a ton of extra time in the morning and I don’t want to add another lengthy daily task.

Many people are surprised to learn that they are just as easy to care for as your actual teeth, just requiring daily brushing and flossing!

If this sounds like the answer you have been looking for, or if you simply have more questions, Contact Coulter Family Dentistry today and set up a consultation!

Dental Exams | X-Rays

Coulter Family Dentistry offers you one the lowest radiation exposure dose possible in the greater South Bend – Mishawaka area. At a routine dental visit, four bite-wing x-rays are performed which only produce 0.005 mSv, which is less than spending a day outside!


Do you ever wonder why dental professionals leave the room when they take x-rays? Dental teams may take hundreds of x-rays per week, so most dentistry staff members limit the risk of exposure by moving away from the x-ray beam.


This being the case, the risk to patients from routine x-rays performed at Coulter Family Dentistry is very small, as our patients are routinely covered by a lead apron to ensure the absolute lowest dosage possible.

The Dental Professionals at Coulter Family Dentistry encourages patients to get routine x-rays as this helps diagnose any problem that is unseen in the mouth and helps both dentist and patient make informed decisions about treatment.

Should you elect to decline dental x-rays, you could prevent your dentistry team from finding many diseases of the oral cavity.  These can include tooth decay, infection, bone loss or gum diseases that cause a health problem that can become severe and very difficult to treat if not timely diagnosed. If you have concerns about your radiation exposure from dental x-rays, feel free to ask either Dr. Coulter or your Coulter Family Dentistry team members for guidance.

Preventative Dentistry | Brushing & Flossing

Flossing prevents tooth decay, tooth loss due to bone loss, heart disease, bad breath, premature labor, pain, bleeding and swelling of the gingiva.  So cleaning between your teeth is an important step of your dental hygiene routine. Brushing alone does not rid the teeth and gums of bacteria. You can clean these areas between your teeth by flossing- either with dental floss, floss picks, or a water pik.

Flossing removes the sticky plaque from in-between surfaces of the tooth and root surfaces below the gingiva. This action prevents certain bacteria in the plaque from mixing with the sugars which produces harmful acids that cause decay. It also prevents other bacteria from living under the gumline. Bacteria changes when denied oxygen. This bacteria becomes an aerobic and release toxins into the tissue. These toxins cause inflammation, pain, and bleeding.

Lack of flossing can ultimately cause perio infection. Periodontitis is a destructive inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth caused by specific bacteria present in the mouth. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect your organ systems  cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive, and respiratory health. Perio Disease can also affect a pregnant mother, by causing a low birth weight and premature labor.

When you visit the Coulter Family Dentistry dental offices, we check for periodontal disease by Perio-Charting. If you have questions about flossing or what we do at Coulter Family Dentistry, ask your dental hygienist during your next visit!  We’re pleased to serve patients throughout South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger and Elkhart.

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